Netball north harbour

Netball north harbour​

Netball North Harbour is an organization that plays a significant role in the development and promotion of netball in New Zealand. With its rich history and strong commitment to the sport, Netball North Harbour serves as an excellent platform for all players. 

About Netball North Harbour

Netball North Harbour is based in Auckland, NZ and has to this day become one of the leading regional netball organizations in the country. It was established in 1956 and has grown exponentially over the years and is now recognized as an important organization within the netball community. The organization strives to creat an encouraging environment for players of all ages and skill levels. Netball North Harbour has become one of the primary netball associations in the country and therefore provides a platform for athletes, coaches, and officials to come together within the sport.

Project Brief

Netball North Harbour has always strived for excellence, and its commitment to reach its potential. The organization has undertaken an ambitious initiative to host the New Zealand Open Championships, a significant event in the national netball calendar. The Open Championships allow high level talent from across the entire country to come together and share the sport. It is also a great platform for the players to showcase their work.

This project has been carefully planned and implemented to ensure the smooth running of the tournament. Netball North Harbour has collaborated with various stakeholders, including sponsors, local government, and community organizations to create an unforgettable experience for both participants and audiences.

Beneficial for the local community

Additionally, the event proves great benefits for the local community. With teams, officials, and supporters descending upon North Harbour, local businesses, hotels, and restaurants will experience increased footfall and revenue. This serves as a testament to the positive impact that sporting events can have on the local economy, benefiting both the community and local businesses.

Netball North Harbour is an integral part of the New Zealand netball landscape, playing a significant role in the development and promotion of the sport. Overall, it is clear that Netball North Harbour cherishes inclusivity, community engagement, and therefore has created an environment for aspiring netball players to thrive.

North Harbour is NZ Open Champs

Netball North Harbour’s selection as the host for the New Zealand Open Championships is a testament to its standing in the netball community. The event will bring together teams from all over the country, creating a highly competitive and electrifying atmosphere. The tournament promises to showcase the best talent in New Zealand, with players showcasing their skills, agility, and teamwork on the court. It is, therefore, an opportunity for players to show their talents and engage with fellow netball enthusiasts. 

The NZ Open Champs will not only provide an opportunity for players to compete but also act as a catalyst for the growth of netball in the North Harbour region. The tournament’s presence will attract attention from aspiring netball enthusiasts, encouraging more participation and involvement in the sport.