Northern Mystics

Irene van Dyk

The Northern Mystics Netball team is one of the five teams that are a part of the ANZ Premiership, New Zealand’s elite netball league. They were formerly featured in the ANZ Championship before it was discontinued in 2016. The team was formed in 2007 as a merging of two previous rival teams (Northern Force and Auckland Diamonds) who had previously competed in the National Bank Cup.

The team is based in Auckland but also includes the Northland region. The team made their debut at the AMZ Championship in 2008 and later participated in the ANZ Premiership which was formed as a merger between the National Bank Cup and the ANZ Championship. The Northern Mystics were one of the original teams in the ANZ Premiership, along with the Central Pulse, Canterbury Tactix, Southern Steel, and Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic.

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History in the ANZ Championship

The Mystics netball team played in the ANZ Championship between the years 2008 and 2016. They made their debut on April 6th, 2008, in a game against the Canterbury Tactix at The Trusts Arena, but unfortunately lost the game 44-48.


In 2011, the Mystics were coached by Debbie Fuller and captained by Temepara George. They had a strong season, finishing in fourth place behind the Queensland Firebirds, Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic, and New South Wales Swifts. During the regular season, they won their first game in Australia with a close 56-54 victory over the West Coast Fever in Round 9. The Mystics then went on to defeat the Swifts in the minor semi-final and the Magic in the preliminary final, before losing to the Firebirds in the grand finale. The mystics did well overall in the season despite the loss and finished in second.


In 2012, the Mystics continued to perform well, finishing in second place on the table after the regular season. However, they fell short in the major semi-final against the Melbourne Vixens and then lost the preliminary final to the Magic, finishing third overall. During a Round 8 match against the Vixens, the Mystics introduced a new defensive tactic called the Harrison Hoist. Anna Harrison was hoisted up rugby union lineout-style by her defensive partners, Kayla Cullen and Jessica Moulds, and made several vital blocks. The move proved to be effective in the final quarter when the Vixens’ goal shooter, Karyn Howarth’s goal-bound shots were twice batted away, leading the Mystics to win the match 49-45.


In 2015, the Mystics had a strong regular season, remaining unbeaten against their fellow New Zealand teams and topping the New Zealand Conference. However, they ultimately fell short in the Conference final against the Magic and then lost in the semi-final against the Firebirds.

Notable players

Overall, the Northern Mystics netball team has had many talented players over the years, each contributing to the team’s success and legacy.

Temepara George

Temepara George captained the team in 2011 when they reached their first grand finale. Having demonstrated exceptional skill and performance in her netball career, George has garnered widespread recognition as one of the most remarkable players to ever grace the court.

Maria Tutaia

Maria Tutaia played for the Mystics from 2008 to 2012 and then again in 2017. Tutaia’s exceptional talent as a shooter is highly recognised in the netball world, with her remarkable accuracy and impressive long-range shooting skills making her one of the most formidable players on the court.

Kayla Cullen

Kayla Cullen is another player who has had a significant impact on the Mystics. She joined the team in 2010 as a young defender and quickly became a fan favourite with her athleticism and energy on the court. Cullen has represented New Zealand in both netball and rugby sevens and has won multiple ANZ Championship titles with the Mystics and the New South Wales Swifts.

Anna Harrison

Anna Harrison is another player who has made her mark on the Mystics. Harrison played for the team from 2008 to 2012, returning after some time to play for the team again from 2017-2018. Harrison is known for her versatility and athleticism, having played multiple positions on the court throughout her career. She is also the creator of the “Harrison Hoist,” a unique defensive tactic where her teammates lift her up in the air to block shots from opposing players.

Innovation and Advocacy

What sets the Northern Mystics apart is their reputation for innovation in the world of netball. They are pioneers in introducing new tactics and strategies to the game, such as the use of zone defence and a fast-paced attacking style. The Northern Mystics are also champions of women’s sports and advocate for gender equality in the sports world. They have taken an active role in promoting women’s sports and advancing the cause of female leadership in sports organisations.

Looking to the future, the Northern Mystics are poised to continue their success in the ANZ Premiership and beyond.