Southern Steel

Southern Steel​

Southern Steel are a professional netball team based in Invercargill, New Zealand. They are one of the five teams that are a part of the ANZ Premiership, New Zealand’s elite netball league. They formerly featured in the ANZ Championship before it was discontinued in 2016. The team represents the regions of Southland and Otago.

Team History

Southern Steel was formed in 2007 and was a merger of two teams that initially competed in the National Bank Cup, the predecessor to the ANZ Championship. The two former teams were called “Southern Sting” and “Otego Rebels”.

In 2008, Southern Steel was one of the founding members of the ANZ championship. The team’s primary colours are teal and black, and they are known for their tenacity and strong team spirit. The ANZ Championship was a pivotal platform for the growth and exposure of New Zealand netball, allowing the Steel to showcase their talents on an international stage.

In 2017, the ANZ Championship was disbanded, and the trans-Tasman competition was replaced by separate leagues in New Zealand (ANZ Premiership) and Australia (Suncorp Super Netball). Southern Steel continues to compete in the ANZ Premiership, facing off against other top New Zealand franchises, including the Northern Mystics, Central Pulse, Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic, and Mainland Tactix.

Successes and Challenges

In the early years, the Southern Steel struggled to make a significant impact in the National Bank Cup. However, their fortunes changed when the ANZ Championship was established in 2008 as a trans-Tasman competition, featuring five teams from New Zealand and five teams from Australia.

The Steel had their breakthrough season in 2010 when they finished runners-up in the ANZ Championship. Coached by Robyn Broughton, the team showcased their immense talent and determination, capturing the attention of netball fans across the region. This marked a turning point for the franchise, establishing them as a force to be reckoned with in the competition.
Notable moments in the Southern Steel’s history include their triumph in the 2017 ANZ Premiership. Led by coach Reinga Bloxham, the team dominated the regular season and went on to win the grand finale against the Central Pulse, securing their first ANZ Premiership title.

Notable Players

Here are some of the standout players who have represented Southern Steel:

Jodi Brown

Jodi Brown is one of the most celebrated netball players in New Zealand. She played for Southern Steel from 2008 to 2012 and was known for her incredible shooting accuracy and versatility in the attacking end. Brown represented the Silver Ferns, New Zealand’s national netball team, and played a crucial role in Southern Steel’s success during her time with the team.

Wendy Telfer

Wendy Telfer was a key member of Southern Steel during the early years of the team. She played as a defender and was known for her strong defensive skills, agility, and leadership on the court. Telfer’s contributions were instrumental in establishing Steel as a competitive force in the ANZ Championship.

Daneka Wipiiti

Daneka Wipiiti, a formidable shooter, played for Southern Steel from 2009 to 2010. She was known for her accuracy, strength, and ability to perform under pressure. Wipiiti’s presence in the shooting circle provided a consistent scoring threat for the team and played a significant role in their success.

Shannon Francois

Shannon Francois, a versatile midcourter, made a significant impact during her time with Southern Steel. She played for the team from 2013 to 2017 and was known for her speed, agility, and excellent defensive skills. Francois’ ability to intercept passes and create turnovers in the midcourt was crucial to the Steel’s success.

Gina Crampton

Gina Crampton, a talented midcourter, has been a standout player for Southern Steel. She joined the team in 2013 and has been a consistent performer ever since. Crampton is known for her exceptional vision, precise passing, and ability to control the tempo of the game. She has also represented the Silver Ferns and continues to make valuable contributions to Southern Steel.


Southern Steel is a highly respected and successful New Zealand netball team. They have a rich history in both the ANZ Championship and the current ANZ Premiership. Southern Steel’s notable moments include their triumph in the 2017 ANZ Premiership. The team’s success can be attributed to the talents and contributions of exceptional players throughout the years. Players like Jodi Brown, Wendy Telfer, Daneka Wipiiti, Shannon Francois, and Gina Crampton have left a lasting impact on the team. Their skills, dedication, and achievements have contributed significantly to the success of Southern Steel. Overall, Southern Steel’s history, notable moments, and exceptional players have cemented their place as a respected and admired team in New Zealand netball.