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Grace Nweke is a prominent New Zealand netball player. She is widely recognized for her exceptional skills and contributions to netball.

Who is Grace Nweke?

Grace Nweke, born on February 7, 2002, in Auckland, New Zealand, is a highly accomplished netball player who has garnered widespread recognition and admiration for her exceptional skills, dedication, and outstanding performances. With her remarkable talent and passion for the sport, she has carved a prominent place for herself in the world of netball.

Growing up in Auckland, Grace Nweke is the daughter of Nigerian immigrant parents who settled there in the 1990s. She developed a deep love for netball from an early age.

She exhibited remarkable talent and potential, catching the attention of coaches and selectors in her local netball community. Her dedication to honing her skills and relentless pursuit of excellence propelled her towards a successful career in the sport.

Grace Nweke – Social Media Presence

To stay connected with her fans and followers, Grace Nweke maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. You can follow her journey on these platforms here:

  • Instagram: @gracenweke
  • Facebook: Grace Nweke

Playing Career

Grace Nweke has had a remarkable playing career in netball thus far, despite only being in her early twenties. Her journey has been marked by numerous achievements and milestones, where her rise to prominence in the netball world began when she made her debut for the Northern Mystics in the ANZ Premiership, the premier netball league in New Zealand.

Since her introduction to the league, she has consistently delivered outstanding performances, captivating both fans and critics alike with her exceptional talent and game-changing abilities.

Playing Style

Nweke’s playing style is characterised by her ability to dominate the shooting circle, creating scoring opportunities and converting them with incredible precision. Grace Nweke’s presence on the court is marked by her commanding presence and strategic positioning, making her a force to be reckoned with for opposing teams.

Club – Northern Mystics

Grace Nweke continues to make a remarkable impact as she proudly represents the Northern Mystics in the ANZ Premiership, the premier netball league in New Zealand. Her journey with the Northern Mystics has been nothing short of extraordinary, as she has seamlessly integrated into the team and become an integral part of their success.

Nweke’s 2021 season saw her set a new scoring record for the ANZ Premiership, with 852 goals in 951 attempts. Her contributions on the court have been instrumental in propelling the Northern Mystics to new heights and solidifying their position as one of the top teams in the ANZ Premiership.

New Zealand National Team

Grace Nweke’s exceptional talents have earned her a coveted spot on the New Zealand national netball team, a prestigious honour that showcases her immense skill and dedication to the sport. As a key member of the national team, commonly known as the Silver Ferns, Nweke has had the privilege of proudly representing her country on the international stage.

When she first competed as a Silver Fern in 2021, she became the fourth player of African descent to play for the squad after Irene Van Dyk, Leana de Bruin, and Karin Burger, who all hailed from South Africa.


Throughout her career, Grace Nweke has received several accolades and awards in recognition of her outstanding performance on the netball court. In 2022, she won the prestigious Dame Lois Muir Supreme Award and was also named Silver Fern International Player of the Year. In addition, she was named the Northern Mystics MVP in 2021.

Notable Stats from Her Career

Grace Nweke has achieved impressive accomplishments during her netball career. Her scoring ability and contribution to the game have been exceptional. As stated above, Nweke set a new ANZ Premiership scoring record in 2021, with 852 goals in 951 attempts. In addition, she scored over 50 goals in 12 of the 16 games the Mystics played that season.

Grace Nweke is a name that has been making headlines in the netball world, and for good reason. The 21-year-old shooter from Auckland, New Zealand, has been turning heads with her exceptional skills on the court, both at home and abroad. In this article, we will delve deeper into Grace Nweke’s journey, her achievements, and what makes her a rising star in the world of netball.

Early life

Born on February 7th, 2002, Grace Nweke grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. Her parents immigrated to New Zealand from Nigeria in the late 1990s, and Grace is one of five siblings. Growing up, Grace was an active child and played a variety of sports, including basketball and touch rugby. It wasn’t until she was 12 years old that she started playing netball, but it quickly became her passion.

Grace’s talent was evident from a young age, and she began playing at a representative level while still in high school. In 2018, she was selected for the New Zealand Secondary Schools team, and in 2019, she was named the New Zealand Secondary Schools Player of the Year.

Professional netball career

Grace’s breakthrough year came in 2019, when she was selected for the Northern Mystics in the ANZ Premiership, New Zealand’s top domestic netball league. She made an immediate impact and was quickly promoted to the Mystics’ full-time squad. In her 2021 season, Grace continued to impress, finishing as the league’s top scorer with 852 goals, helping the Northern Mystics win their first-ever Premiership title.

Her performances in the ANZ Premiership earned her a call-up to the Silver Ferns, New Zealand’s national netball team. Grace made her debut for the Silver Ferns in September 2021, becoming the first Silver Fern of African descent.

Since then, Grace has continued to impress for both the Northern Mystics and the Silver Ferns. She was a key player for the Silver Ferns in their recent 2022 Constellation Cup series against Australia, showcasing stellar and precise shooting.

Player profile

What sets Grace Nweke apart from other netball players is her height and athleticism. At 1.93m (6’4″), she is one of the tallest players in the ANZ Premiership and the Silver Ferns. Her height gives her a significant advantage in the shooting circle, where she can reach for high passes and shoot over defenders. Her athleticism allows her to move quickly and jump high, making her a formidable opponent for any defender.

However, Grace’s success is not just down to her natural talent. She is a hard worker and dedicated to improving her game. She trains six days a week and focuses on developing her skills, such as her footwork and accuracy. She is also a team player and credits her success to the support of her coaches, teammates, and family.

Off the court

Grace Nweke’s rise to prominence has made her a role model for young netball players in New Zealand and beyond. Her success as a young black woman in a sport dominated by white players has also made her an inspiration for those who want to see greater diversity and representation in netball.


Grace Nweke is a rising star in the world of netball. Her exceptional talent, hard work, and dedication have earned her numerous accolades, and her success has made her a role model for young netball players, as well as young athletes of colour all around the globe.

And the best is likely still yet to come. At only 21 years of age, Grace’s career has really only just begun, with what looks to be a very bright future ahead of her. With her height, athleticism, and drive to succeed, Grace has the potential to become one of the greatest netball players of all time.

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