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Who is Maria Folau?

Maria Folau, born Maria Tutaia Folau on February 18, 1987, is a renowned sportswoman hailing from Tonga. She has made a significant impact in the world of netball and rugby, and she is one of the most feared shooters Australia and New Zealand’s netball scene. With an illustrious career spanning several years, Maria Folau has become a household name and become a favourite in the domestic and international netball fans.

Maria’s natural athleticism and considerable skill set quickly caught the attention of coaches and scouts at a young age. Her exceptional abilities as a young netball player earned her opportunities to represent her school and local teams, where she continued to make significant strides and demonstrate her potential.

Her professional athlete career in netball began with the Mainland Tactix in the ANZ Championship, where she showcased her exceptional shooting skills and agility. Her ability to sink crucial goals during high-pressure situations quickly earned her recognition as a key player for the team.

Her outstanding performances at the club level led to her selection for the New Zealand national netball team, the Silver Ferns. Representing her country at the highest level, Maria consistently demonstrated her skills and contributed significantly to the team’s success. Her talent and dedication were pivotal in the Silver Ferns’ gold medal victory at the 2019 Netball World Cup in Liverpool, England, a historic moment for New Zealand’s netball history.

Maria Folau – social media presence

Aside from her on-court achievements, Maria Folau maintains a strong presence on social media platforms, connecting with fans and sharing her experiences. Her engaging personality and unwavering passion for her craft have garnered her a loyal following across platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Folau’s personal life has been a subject of interest and curiosity among fans and media alike. Her husband Israel Folau is a former Australian rugby player. Their relationship has often garnered attention due to their shared involvement in sports. The couple’s union has been recognized as a testament to their mutual support and understanding of the demands and challenges of being professional athletes.

Playing career

Club -Mainland Tactix

Maria Folau began her netball journey with the Mainland Tactix in the ANZ Championship. Known for her exceptional shooting skills and agility, she quickly became a key player for the team. Her ability to score crucial goals in high-pressure situations earned her the admiration and respect of both teammates and opponents.

New Zealand national team

Maria Folau’s talent transcended club-level play, and she soon earned a spot on the New Zealand national netball team, known as the Silver Ferns. Representing her country at the highest level, Maria consistently showcased her skills and contributed significantly to the team’s success.

The Netball World Cup Sydney was a significant personal milestone for Maria Folau. Representing the Silver Ferns, her exceptional shooting skills contributed to their success. In a thrilling final against Australia, Maria’s performance helped secure the gold medal for the Silver Ferns, solidifying her status as a premier shooter on the global stage.

Maria Folau’s uncanny skill in shooting prowess played a crucial role in the success of the New Zealand team at the Commonwealth Games, where they showcased their dominance, resilience, and teamwork against formidable opponents to secure a prestigious gold medal.


Maria Folau’s exceptional performances throughout her career have earned her numerous accolades and awards. She has been recognized for her contributions to netball with multiple nominations for the prestigious Halberg Awards, which celebrate New Zealand’s finest sporting achievements. In addition, she has won the ANZ Championship Player of the Year award, a testament to her outstanding performances in the domestic league. Maria’s achievements and impact on the sport have also led to her induction into the New Zealand Order of Merit, an esteemed honor bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions to society through their respective fields.

Notable stats from Maria Folau’s career

Her career is adorned with remarkable statistics that highlight her incredible achievements on the netball court. With an impressive shooting accuracy, she holds the record for the highest shooting percentage in international netball matches, boasting an astounding 92.4%. Her scoring prowess is further evident in her milestone achievement of surpassing 6,000 goals in international matches, making her the first netball player to reach this remarkable feat. Maria’s ability to consistently convert goals under pressure and her remarkable shooting accuracy solidify her status as one of the greatest netball players of all time.

Maria Folau’s legacy extends far beyond her athletic accomplishments. Her dedication, skill, and inspiring journey serve as a source of motivation for aspiring athletes, particularly young women in sports. She continues to inspire with her remarkable talent, professionalism, and determination, leaving an indelible mark on the sports world and cementing her place as one of New Zealand’s most celebrated sporting icons.

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